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Supporting Art and Cultural Events

NR Group strongly believes in preserving the heritage of our country. A variety of traditional folk arts and cultural activities are organised / sponsored in an effort to keep some of the dying Indian traditions alive while also connecting people with their regional, cultural and social roots. This is done annually and also as and when the opportunity arises.

Rhythm Dhaker Ladai:

In olden times, Dhakis (traditional drummers) used to animate the rhythm of life during pujas in Kolkata.In modern times, this art form had slowly become extinct. 8 years ago NR Group conceptualised a competitive event to revive the activity and showcase the cultural heritage of West Bengal. This Dhaker Ladai competition during Durga Puja festivities has enabled artistes to improve the benchmark of both music and performance with renewed enthusiasm every year. The event has revived the art form of dhak, giving it international recognition, improved demand and remuneration for the artists plus the Dhakis again get the respect they deserve. The event is now an established popular tradition that Kolkata,its neighboring districts and NR Group look forward to every year.

Rhythm Ta Ta Thai Thai:

Inaugurated 4 years ago, this is an inspirational annual event to showcase the dancing abilities of girls aged 4 years and above. Vision behind this event is to create an ambience that nurtures young minds to co-create and innovate dance as an original form of art with its rhythm, imagination and expression. Rhythm Ta Ta Thai Thai is a unique competitive platform to exhibit the hidden prowess of girls across North Bengal.

Best Kolu Contest:

Annually in Tamil Nadu, NR Group conducts the Best Kolu Contest during the Dussera festival. Individual homes and women's organizations enthusiastically participate to showcase their dolls collection, artistic and presentation talents.

Cycle Sheri Garba:

Sheri Garba is a folk art of Gujarat practiced over centuries as a crucial aspect of the Navaratri festival. This traditional art form was forgotten slowly over the recent decades, due to commercialisation of the festivities. Since 2010, NR Group has taken on the onus to revive this unique original art form of Garba across Gujarat. The aim of the activity in the form of annual competitions is to again make Sheri Garba an indispensable part of the Navaratri festival. Judging is purely tradition based, be it attire, dance steps or songs.

Cycle Heritage Quiz:

This new concept in quizzing was initiated in 2011, to encourage young minds to learn about our country?s rich art forms, culture, tradition & history. The annual Quiz for school children is an attempt by the NR Group to indirectly play an active part in preserving India?s tradition and heritage.